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Veterinary care for pets from Ukraine

Av 4. april 2022februar 28th, 2023Ingen kommentarer

Norwegian Society for Protection of Animals Oslo and Akershus (Dyrebeskyttelsen Norge Oslo og Akershus/DOOA) will offer your pet necessary veterinary care if it gets sick or injured, limited to the amount of NOK 5 000, in cooperation with all of EMPET veterinarian clinics in our district.

IMPORTANT! All pets brought to Norway from Ukraine must be registered as soon as possible with Norwegian Food Safety Authority (NFSA/Mattilsynet) and they will issue a document to certify that your pet is allowed to stay in Norway. This document MUST be kept together with your pet at all times. If you have not received this document, we cannot offer necessary veterinary care to your pet and you need to contact NFSA for more information,

If you believe your pet is sick or injured and in need of veterinary care, please do as follows:

  • Contact either of the EMPET-clinics listed below and make an appointment
  • Inform the clinic that your appointment is a part of their cooperation with DOOA
  • IMPORTANT, bring your pets document from NFSA to your appointment
  • EMPET will send an invoice directly to us after your pet has received proper care
  • If your pet needs prescription medication, you need to collect the medicine from the pharmacy yourself and contact us at for reimbursement

The abovementioned applies to pet owners with refugee status who are currently living in our district, Oslo and the surrounding counties. If you are not living in our area and your pet is in need of veterinary care, contact us at and we will try to figure out if help is offered by any other organizations where you currently stay.

This offer is valid until March 31, 2023.

Book your appointment with either of these clinics:

Article in Norwegian
Article in Ukraine (України)